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九年级英语作文 篇1

  When I was in primary school, my parents had paid special attention to the English education, they thought it was the necessary language to learn. So I had access to the English movie and the relatived books. I fell in love with learning English, because speaking English made me stand out. Later I found an English club in my school, it was a place for the English learner to improve their speaking skill and gain their interest. I was so excited and we talked in English all the time, I learned a lot. When other students complain about the difficulty to learn the language, I have passion to learn it.


九年级英语作文 篇2

  It was sunny that day. Our parents were out, so there were only my brother and me at home. We were bored. So we decided to go boating. We played happily. But when we went to the middle of the river, the weather changed. It rained suddenly. We didn t bring umbrella and our boat was bamboo raft. As the rain was more and heavier, we were afraid to sink in the river. We tried our best to make our boat in shore. But our bamboo raft had more water on it. I was afraid to die. My brother was also very anxious. At that time, my mother came and she pulled us back to the ground. It was thrilling.


九年级英语作文 篇3

  Mei, I think you should practise their guts,First to develop self-esteem, believe in yourself, even often encourage yourself. Next to cultivate courage, class learning more at ordinary times, many questions ask to speak to answer questions, answer wrong and no relationship. More teachers and classmates is again and make friends, learn other people's strengths, first acquaintance and speak, and all men met strangers gradually shy. The key is insist to take exercise, this small problem can solve

  mei,You are very clever, speak English very good grades is very good。I'll tell the other students, let them give you encourage, let they believe you, because you are the best。You must be successful, come on

九年级英语作文 篇4

  Oh, English was pr in the past. S hw t iprve it was biggest prble.

  First, hw t reeber the new wrds? I alwas cp the n pieces f paper, stic the n the wall, and read the alud when I see the. It’s the best wa t reeber new wrds. What’s re, I shuld d re reading. Tr t guess the eanings f new wrds, and get the ain idea f the article. And when I answer teacher’s questin, I’ll tae a deep breath and sile, I will sa: “I can!” Last, after class, I alwas review the lessns.

  And practice aes perfect. I d believe! I can learn English well.

九年级英语作文 篇5

  i have studied english since three years ago. on my way to learning english, i have some ways to show you.

  first, we can copy the new words again and again in order to remember the words. second, we should read as much as possible. be sure to choose topics or books you are interested in. third, we can talk with my friends and teachers as often as possible so that we will improve our speaking skills. last, we should keep an english diary to improve our writing skills.

  i hope i can help you. i hope my ways are useful for you.

九年级英语作文 篇6

  Dear Daming, I know your problem. You’ve made two mistakes. First, you used your classmate’s pen without her permission. Second, when you broke the pen, you didn’t tell her the truth. Yes, you must tell her immediately. If you tell her the truth, perhaps she’ll be angry with you, but at least you’ll prove you are honest. Then I think you should offer to pay. You can use your pocket money to buy a new pen for her. She will realize that you’re truly sorry. I hope the advice can help you. I’m sure you will make up with her soon. Yours, Tom.


九年级英语作文 篇7

  my english learning experience

  How to learn Enlish well?The answer is you must feel like it first.Just because when you feel like it you can do it best and enjoy it. Learn Enlish well is not a thing in one day but to accumlate over a long period .Ofen you should remember what is the meaning of the word and how to use it in your daylife.You also should to know Enlish grammer well,read Enlish as many as you can .ALL the above what you do should by your like ,not a load.So you can learn your Enlish well.

九年级英语作文 篇8

  1)Advantages of owning a private car.

  2)Disadvantages of owning a private car.

  3)Should it be necessary to enlarge the private car market? Why or why not?

  Nowadays, any Chinese can enjoy the luxury of owning a private car - if he or she can afford it. Having a car of your own means no more traveling to work on crowded buses or subway trains, and you can drop off the children at school on the way. Moreover, it also means that you can enjoy the weekends and holidays better, because with a car you can go to places where the regular buses and trains do not go, and so you can find a quiet scenic spot with no crowds.

  However, there are drawbacks to owning a car. For one thing, with the increase in car ownership in recent years, the roads are becoming more and more crowded, often making the journey to work more of a nightmare than a dream. For another, it is not cheap to run a car, as the prices of gasoline and repairs are constantly rising, not to mention the prices you have to pay for a licence and insurance coverage.

  Having considered both sides of the argument, I have come to the conclusion that the advantages of owning a car outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, it seems to me that China should increase its output of automobiles and enlarge the private car market. The result would be that cars would become cheaper, while at the same time the extra demand would encourage the auto industry to produce more efficient and family-oriented vehicles.







九年级英语作文 篇9

  I have ever enjoyed a song called I Believe I Can Fly. In fact, I have forgotten the most words of the song, but I still remember the thing it has told me. Everyone who wants to succeed must believe himself first.

  I was afraid of exams because I didnt do well in studying. Though it made me lose confidence. I have never thought about finding a way to change it. Until one day, my teacher showed me the song and told me that she believed I could do it. At that moment, I seemed to see that the bright sun is waiting for me, so I closed my eyes and told myself, Yes, I can fly!

  I have been brave and tried my best to change for the better since then. As the matter of fact. I have done it! Now Im not afraid of exams any more.

  To my way of thinking, when any trouble happens to us, we just tell ourselves that I believe I can fly, then we can really do it. So dont be afraid of anything, you know, there wont be a problem that we are not able to face.

九年级英语作文 篇10

  本单元话题为“我们怎样变化的”,主要围绕人或事物从过去到现在所发生的变化展开描述。写作时首先要理清写作的逻辑顺序,注意过去与现在的对比。在句式的使用上,既可用used to do/be…,but now…,也可以直接用一般过去时描述过去的情况,用一般现在时描写现在的情况,各种句式交替使用,以免文章显得呆板。


  (1) …used to do/be

  (2) How/what about you?

  (3) …has/have changed a lot in the last few years.


  请你以Changes in people’s life 为题描述最近几年人们生活上的变化。词数80词左右。

  提示:1. 人们的联系方式、娱乐方式的改变

  2. 人们的出行方式及居住环境的改变


  Changes in people’s life

  Great changes have taken place in people’s life in the last few years.

  In the past people kept in touch with relatives or friends mainly by sending letters. They would listen to the radio for news and other information. Children used to go to school by bike. Big families had to share small rooms.

  Now people can talk to others by telephone or on the internet at home. When they are free, they watch the news and other programs on TV. Some families are rich enough to send their children to school in their own cars. More and more people live in big and bright apartment with several rooms.

  In a word, people live better than before.